Messages from our wonderful customers!

Professional yet personal

… thank YOU for your service! Professional yet personal in every way. Contact, communication, preparation and follow through. And having driven over the road for over a decade myself, my sincere appreciation to the driver, Scott was the cream on the cake- careful, personable, professional and courteous.

Thank you!


Thank you

Your staff made me feel as if I had been using your company for years. That is so important in this day and age of the internet and decreased personal connection. Many years ago, we used your company for hauling and launching our boat, It is nice to see that customer service has not changed. Thank you again.


We couldn’t be happier

Please let the Management Team at Brownell know that Jonathan did an outstanding job. He treated our boat as if it were his own. We couldn’t be happier with your service.


The best

You people are the best


Terrific job!

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to your two guys who handled my haul-out/mast unstepping yesterday. They did a terrific job! They helped to guide me in/onto the ramp trailer under high wind conditions with my jammed furler and partially unfurled headsail wildly flapping in the wind. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to safely bring the boat in with the existing wind conditions and the broken furler/headsail, but they kept their cool and helped me to keep mine!

They told me their names, but in the stress of the situation, I seem to have forgotten, but know that you know who they are.

Again, thanks for the professionalism of your crew!


A pleasure from start to finish

The whole experience was fantastic! Peter and the crane operator (sorry, but I can’t remember his name) were awesome. I was totally impressed with how well they did their jobs and how well they treated me. It was a pleasure from start to finish.


Outstanding professionalism

Outstanding professionalism is how I’d rate your entire service Michelle. It was a pleasure working with you and Peter.


Excellent service

It was excellent service and I’ll be using you again.


Outstanding staff

Your staff is outstanding.



The boat was moved very carefully and safely.


I love dealing with these pros!

Another awesome experience, I love dealing with pros!


You guys are the best

Everything was perfect. You guys are the best. I am sorry that I missed saying goodbye and thanks to the driver. I got into a conversation with someone at Savin Hill and when I turned around he was gone. He was excellent. Very knowledgeable and a real pro. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs there boat moved.


Friendly, professional, and a fellow sailor

Just a note of thanks to all at Brownell, and especially Peter.

Peter arrived on time, and loaded [our boat] in about 30 minutes. We left, crossed the Sagamore Bridge and arrived at Parker’s safely. He was friendly, professional and a fellow sailor.

Hopefully we’ll run into Peter this season on the water.

Again our thanks for helping us, and making the entire process so easy and friendly.

Best Regards

Stephen and Sandy

Thanks for all your help

Quick note..

The boat arrived, I believe the drivers name was, Alan …He could not have been any more Professional and Pleasant…

It truly has been a Pleasure working with you all ….In today’s world you are a shining star !!!

Thanks for all your help