Tips For Taking Your Boat Out Of Winter Storage

It’s still February, and things are iced over up here in New England, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not too early to start thinking about how to bring your boat out of winter boat storage! Here at Brownell Boat Transport, we have a boater cooperative boat yard in Mattapoisett and we know that everyone with their boat stored there for the winter is already imagining the trips they’ll take this summer.

Today’s blog post is all about the steps you should follow when it’s time to take your boat out. After spending months in winter boat storage, your boat is bound to need some attention. Follow these steps and if you have other questions, let us know!


Get the Engine Ready

Most boats in winter boat storage have some sort of engine, even if it’s a small one to help a sailboat get out of the marina. After the winter, it’s important to give the engine some attention so that you don’t encounter any problems when you’re out on the water.

First, check your battery. It may need some charging, or even a full replacement, especially if you’ve had your boat in storage for longer than just a single season. Then, fill up the tank and start your engine. Listen to make sure that it’s running smoothly and that it doesn’t sound like it’s rougher than it was when you put it into winter boat storage in the fall.

Be sure to check the oil, filters, coolant, and spark plugs while you’re thinking about the engine. If you didn’t change the oil right before you stored your boat, it’s a good idea to change it now so that you can ensure your boat is water ready.

Look for Corrosion

Check for any signs of corrosion around the electrical connections on your boat. It’s important to look out for corrosion regularly, since moisture and electronics aren’t friends. Even though your boat hasn’t been on the water, corrosion can still occur during winter boat storage, and it could be dangerous. If you notice anything amise, you should contact a qualified technician to come in and assess the damage.

Check the Hull and Propellers

Since your boat is out of the water, it’s a great time to get a good look at the hull. Take your time and make sure all screws are tight and that there are no cracks in the surface. If you’d like, you can clean your hull and make it look even better before you launch.

You should also ensure that your propellers are still in good shape. Look for any cracks or dents, and be sure that the propeller isn’t bent or out of shape in any way.

Check Safety Gear

Before you take your boat out on the water, it’s vital that you make sure your boat is well stocked with safety essentials. There should be enough life jackets on board, a stocked first-aid kit, and at least one fire extinguisher. Check to see if your fire extinguisher still has pressure and that you have a few flares on board as well.

This is also a great time to check to see if your electronics, including GPS, radio, and compass, are all in good working order. If you’ve stored your safety equipment outside of your boat, make sure that you catelogue what you have and make sure that it all ends up back on your boat. As a boat owner, safety needs to be your top priority! And if you check your gear before you launch, you’re setting yourself up for a safe season out on the water.

Clean The Interior and Exterior

While we love a good-looking boat, cleaning your boat isn’t just for aesthetics. Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your boat, and it protects the surface. After you take your vessel out of winter boat storage, use a power-washer on the exterior, vacuum up the inside, and clean surfaces. Even if you did a thorough cleaning when you put the boat into boat storage, it’s useful to do it again, since the winter weather may have caused some dirt and dust to build up.

Brownell Boat Transport – Winter Boat Storage

Along with providing boat haul, launch, and transport service, we are also proud to run a boat parking and storage facility. Our do-it-yourself storage yard in Mattapoisett gives owners and crew the opportunity to store their boat safely and maintain total control of their boats. There is access to electricity and water to every boat, personal storage lockers, and a clean, paved boat storage yard. We’re more than happy to haul and transport your boat to our winter boat storage yard and help you launch it in the spring!

Brownell Boat Transport Company is a family company, and we are a company of boaters. We love sharing information and tips that we’ve picked up over the years here on our blog. We hope you enjoyed these tips for choosing a boat transport company and that you choose Brownell for all your boat haul, launch, and transport needs!

Our company began in 1954 when David (Fred) Brownell invented the Hydraulic Trailer and Boat Stand, which became the industry leader in hydraulic boat hauling. We still use the technology today to haul, launch, move, and store your boat. We offer overland boat transport; boat haul, launch, and transport; special handling and moving; and boat storage in our do-it-yourself boat storage facility. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!